In the Post – industrial era and with the advent of agile and creative rivals, enterprises and manufacturing units, especially those past the maturity stage in their organizational lifecycle, need to alter their perspectives and embrace three principles of " rebirth " , " new growth " and " new source of income " , based on which Padra has been established , to becom successful .
Padra believes such three principles are not achievable except through collaboration and partnership with international markets and through effective, but not temporary or sectional, exports. Admittedly, Padra is well-prepared to furnish its exports services as follows :
✓ Target Market Analysis and Selection
✓ T.L.C.C Analysis of the Product and Its Preparation, both Qualitative and Quantitative , to Enter the Target Market
✓ Suggestion and Presentation of Necessities for Packing , Marking and Labeling of the Product
✓ Transportation, Insurance and the Like Cost Analysis
✓ Market Access and Penetration Strategies
✓ Export Business Plan
✓ International Marketing and Sourcing
✓ International Payment Methods and Solutions
✓ Risk Management of International Payments and Parties’ Obligations
✓ Constrictive Commercial Correspondence and Negotiations Complying with International Standards
✓ Professional Export Contract Drafting besides Legal Advice and Solutions
✓ Documentation in Exports and in International Low Tenders (I.L.T)
✓ Negotiations for License and Permission in Exports
✓ Consultancy, Arrangement and Execution of Transportation, Insurance and Customs Clearance Formalities
✓ Warehousing Services in the Target Market
✓ After-sale Services in Exports
✓ Furnishing and Commissioning Domestic and International Exhibitory Pavilions in Association with Experts in this Field
✓ Services Exports