Padra is committed to :
✓ introduce domestic scientific and practical potentials and talents to global markets .
✓ execute trade services strategically and technically .
✓ manage and accelerate exports process with the approach towards quality management of domestic products and towards reasonable as well as competitive decrease of incurring costs to enter global markets .
✓ continuously develop, improve and support domestic products by steering them towards International Standards relying on Padra’s expertise .
✓ provide commercial , managerial , financial , consulting and training services as professionally as international associates .
✓ strategically manage the supply chain in executing exports process as efficiently as possible .
✓ meet its clients’ needs by adding qualitative and quantitative value to their products and services through its C.O.P (Community of Practice) in order to enrich its services and, as a result, its clients’ success .
✓ design a roadmap to a successful business for its clients, concerning:
• Total Quality Management (TQM)
• Motives and Challenges of International Markets
• Business Development in Volatile Markets Based on IM® Lead Concept
• SWOT Analysis .
✓ strengthen the win-win conditions in trade with international counterparts .
✓ deliver measurable results in terms of services provided .
✓ accommodate an inspiring workplace in which Padra’s team members think about nothing except improvement of their skills and knowledge.